Wobbler POS

Fig. Twinstick, Item No. 7071

Shelf Barker / wobbler / Twinstick

  • Extremely attention grabbing.
  • Perfect for sales campaigns.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Perfect positioning.
  • Mostly self-adhesive.
  • Removable without residue (Wobbler Item No. 2264).
  • Straight or with ends twisted by 90 degrees.
  • Printable (Wobbler Item No. PAV).

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Always an eye-catcher!

There are many ways to present your advertising message. A very special kind of shelf barker. For all areas in the spotlight, these are the right ones.

Your advantages are obvious. Some rise into open space, so that each customer is “stuck with them”. The others move even in the slightest breeze. We are talking about Wobbler, Twinstick and more. Or try Euro Spring, Spring clamp or Mega Wobbler. They are very dynamic. Each in their own way.

Do you need shelf barkers in short or very long? Self-adhesive, for scanner rails, or rotatable? Fixed, or one that can turn in all directions? Everything is possible.

They do their job without a hitch. To draw the customer’s attention. To your advertising message! Maybe you need a poster as well. Then why not use a wobbler for that as well. Because that’s what they are for as well.

Other variants of this versatile system can be found in our online store.


Fig. Mega Wobbler, Item No. 2265

Twinstick Wobbler white adhesive

Fig. Twinstick round, Item No. 7073

Transparent twinstick on POS

Fig. Mini-Wobbler, Item No. 2269

Wobbler printable

Fig. Wobbler (printable), Item No. PWB