Fig. SuperGrip Mega L-profile 90 degree Item No. 176-48-W


  • Perfect hold in any position.
  • Does not damage materials.
  • Ideal mounting option for multiple displays.
  • For parallel attachment of signs.
  • For rails up to 1.22m in length.
  • Also suitable for heavy elements.

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SuperGrip for everything!

Whether for an elaborate display design or just for a small sign: with SuperGrip profiles you always find the right solution. Because there’s a plethora of possibilities.

Do you want to turn two or more posters into an eye catcher? Just use SuperGrip. Or do you want to connect 3 elements flexibly with one another? Again, SuperGrip profiles are your solution.

Filigree and unobtrusive at the same time, ten wild horses couldn’t tear them apart. From extra thick to thin materials. Without damaging them. SuperGrip is usable in every imaginable position. Self-adhesive, clamped or hinged – it holds everything together. Whether straight or around the corner, whether at a right angle or 90 degrees, whether short or long. Suitable for different materials. In short, your creativity knows no limits.

Also for special mounting requirements such as trolleys, SuperGrip is the perfect solution.

To cut a long story short: One thing we can assure you. SuperGrip is constantly evolving. See for yourself the variety of possible uses. Have a look at it in our online store.

H connector Supergrip

Fig. SuperGrip double gripper 2 mm, Item No. 111

Supergrip GLAS - with suction cup

Fig. Glass Sign Holder, Item No. 118-SC

Fig. Wire Sign Holder IV 2 mm, Item No. 117-150

shelf floor system supergrip clear

Fig. SuperGrip Flip Strip 2 mm. Item No. 103F


SuperGrip rails

Perfect fit for the big advertising promises! The JEGAB DISPLAY SuperGrip rails are designed for materials up to 13mm thick and up to 1.22m in length. Perfect for large ads and displays! Whether as a V-profile, as a connector, bent or as a flexible H profile – the SuperGrip rails solve many problems in a jiffy.

Have a look at some examples of using the rails:

Supergrip Profilschienen

Fig. SuperGrip L-profile 90 degree Item No. 172


Supergrip Schienen im 90 Grad Winkel

Fig. SuperGrip V-profile 60 degree Item No. 174

Supergrip gerade Profilschienen Verbinder

Fig. Super-Grip H-profile, Item No. 168

Detail der Supergrip Ecke - abgerundet

Fig. SuperGrip Mega L-profile, 90 degrees, Item No. 176-48 W