Suction Cups

Fig. Plastic suction cups, Item No. 7030

Suction Cups & Magnets

  • Flexible method of attachment.
  • Ideally suited for areas that fall under hygiene regulations.
  • Indispensable helper.
  • Variable presentation form.
  • Extra degree of flexibility.
  • Leaves no adhesive residue or holes.

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Fastening tools – the subtle solution!

Do you have a smooth surface where nothing seems to stick? But you have to put a poster there? Or you have a workspace that is governed by extreme hygiene rules? Then use suction cups. These particularly practical helpers are the ideal assistants for smooth surfaces such as glass. In addition, they offer an extra degree of flexibility. Suction cups are attached quickly and removed quickly. Without leaving adhesive residue or any holes. They are available in different sizes and designs. With or without hook. For light and heavy weights.


While suction cups are the ideal solution for smooth surfaces, magnets are perfectly suitable for magnetic boards and metal bars. Just as quickly as they are attached, they are stowed away. Whether it’s merely a piece of paper or a weight of up to 5 kg. Choose between small and delicate or greater and strong. Their applications are as diverse as they are.

For high quality, exquisite packaging, there is a special kind of magnets – magnetic closure. These are self-adhesive pairs of magnets that are easy to open and close. An elegant solution, if you like it discreetly.