Sign Holders DELI Clip ball bearing mounted

Fig. Deli clip Item No. 9005

Sign Holders

  • Essential for customer communication.
  • Can present lots of information.
  • Perfect guiding system.
  • Puts products into the spotlight.

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The “silent servant” for your signs

Whether for display cases, shelves, baskets, crates or even bottles. Are you looking for a presentable way to inform your customers with a sheet of paper or a price tag?

Regardless of whether you strive for an elegant or simple solution. Do it right with a sign holder. With these signs of all sizes and weights can be presented in the best way.

From the clip to the self-adhesive fastener with a ball joint. Choose from a variety of options. Have a look at our online shop!

Price holder BigFoot

Fig. Big Foot w. Clip Item No. 9002

Crates Display holder

Fig. Crate clip Item No. GKK

Label with Rubber writable

Fig. Label w. Rubber strap, Item No. 2550

Fig. Menu Card Holder obliquely, Item No. 2231