Fig. Hinge module 4 digits, Item No. B4006B-24

Pivot Pricer

  • The perfect system for price labelling.
  • Reusable modules.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simply rotate the digits to change prices.
  • Compatible with the ClearGrip adapter.
  • Also for outdoor use.

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The modular system for price labelling

Keep the flexibility in price labelling. Take the easy to use and modular Pivot Pricer system.

Pivot Pricer combines the ease of operation of an analog price tag with the modern look of  digital numbers. By simply rotating the segments, change the price. It’s no longer complicated to give a product a new price tag.

Pivot Pricer are the perfect solution for all price labels that need to be updated often. Not only technically, but also visually. Even from a distance, the symmetric, professional representation of numbers are pleasing to read. How about giving your label an extra spotlight? Have it in red, green, yellow or blue? No problem with the Pivot Pricer system.

What if the Pivot Pricer cannot be mounted directly on the display? Then take advantage of the many assembly aids. The variety of combinations and possible applications of this outstanding labelling system can be found in our online shop.

Fig. Shoe clamp, Item No. B501, B5001

Fig. Deli pin with module holder Item No. B401, B3001 with B10

Fig. table display, Item No. B501, B5001

Fig. Big Foot with module holder item No. B40065