L-stands with business card box

Fig. TruVu L-stand, Item No. TVE-6

L-stands / T-stands


  • Available as a TruVu variant (as shown in the image).
  •  High-quality workmanship.
  • Made of clear acrylic or polystyrene.
  • Available as a version with an attached business card / Brochure stand.
  • Also suitable for wall mounting (adhesive strip or dots, Velcro).
  • Curved or straight version.
  • Magnetic L-stand for easy replacement of individual sheets.
  • Can be disassembled to make it as flat as a pancake, ideal for shipping.

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The mobile product presentation

L- and T-stands stand out with their simplicity. Noteworthy is the high-quality workmanship. In a small space a lot of information can be presented. The handling is great: easily replace the paper inlay from the top through the insertion slot.

The flat design of both products can be disassembled and are therefore ideal for shipment. Suitable for the following areas: counter, shelf or window.

Of course, both the L- and T-stands are available in standard DIN formats.

TruVu T-stand FLAT

Fig. TruVu T-FLAT stand, Item No. TVT-1P

TruVu T-stand FLAT can be easily replaced

Fig. TruVu T-FLAT stand, Item No. TVT-1P


Fig. T-stand Plexi, Item No. AT-A4

JEGAB Deluxe brochure basket

Fig. Magnetic stand A5, Item No. AM-A5