Foldable, clear Hang Tabs

Fig. Foldable Hang Tabs, Item No. R-58

Hang Tabs

  • No Euro-perforation necessary.
  • Subsequent refurbishing of products without Euro-perforation.
  • Ideal supplement to blisters.
  • Cheap.
  • Space-saving, more articles per space.
  • Reliable repair agent.
  • Perfectly suitable for the use in a mobile sales booth.
  • High-quality orderly presentation.

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Fastening wonders for products without Euro-perforation

Do you hang your products in shelves or displays? But some lack the Euro-perforation for the fastening? Then use Hang Tabs. These versatile hangers consist of a strongly adhesive portion that is applied to the package and non self-adhesive top which provides a Euro-perforation.

The best part: They are available at a reasonable price in different variations and sizes. The possibilities are endless. Use Hang Tabs together with blisters to save space for transport. Or use it to repair blisters, to avoid having to buy the expensive packaging again. For light and heavy packaging. Get an overview of the infinite variety of Hang Tabs. See them all in our online store.

Repair Hang Tab - hook

Fig. Repair Hang Tab Product No. R-77

Hook HangTabs

Fig. Hook Hang Tabs, Item No. 2-HBS

PROMO Hang Tab

Fig. PROMO Hang Tab, Item No. 2-DAK


Fig. Centre Hang Tab, Item. No. 2-BBV