Flags & Display Tohre at JEGAB DISPLAY

Fig. Flags set A3 portrait / landscape, Item No. 5060/5061

Flags & Display Tubes

  • Visible from afar.
  • Large format advertising.
  • Versatile and flexible applications.
  • Available in weatherproof versions as well.
  • No slipping, no wrapping around the flagpole.
  • Low effort.
  • Light weight.

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The waving “Poster” – flags!

It is probably unique in its field of application. Whether indoors or outdoors. Its effect is unique because it is visible from a great distance. We are talking about the flag. Either consisting of printable fabric or in a variety of colors with weather-proof protective sleeve for insertion of your ad poster.

Holders are available in varied designs. Whether for gluing, screwing or cable ties. Everything’s possible. For any purpose. Slotted or unslotted. Available in many lengths and colors on request. And for fixing the flag just use the ball and retainer ring.

Or do you need something to attach a poster to an existing pipe? Then select a suitable pipe clamp from our wide range of products. With sign holders in different sizes and various mounting options.

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