Display construction - display hinges

Fig. Display hinge Item No. 2219

Display construction

  • Limitless possibilities for display constructions.
  • Usable for testing purposes.
  • Very strong adhesion.
  • Connects two panels at any angle.
  • Can be used together with a Pivot Pricer.
  • Also available as a translucent acrylic hinge.

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For this, there are endless possibilities. From the shelf support to acrylic hinges. Whether you opt for the no-slip base or the display foot Combi. For successful customer attraction only one thing is important. All display construction products put your shelf and your products in the right light.

Note the wide range of applications. For example, the display foot protects the chute not only from moisture and dirt. Mounted in different angle, it can also act as a sign base. Or make use of the shelf holder, which can be used not only for mounting shelves. In combination with cardboard tubes you turn it into a clothing rack.

It’d be beyond the scope of this text to describe the sheer endless possibilities you get with this framework. Nevertheless we would like to emphasize the resilience and variety of sizes of our display construction articles. Find out for yourself. In our online store. Or give us a call – we are happy to help  – Phone: +49 2271 / 7609-29

ACH display hinges opened

Fig. Acrylic hinge Item No. ACH

Fig. Binning clip Item No. 2229

Plastic screws

Fig. Plastic screw, Item No. 2315

Podiums feet

Fig. Display foot, Item No. 2215-W