Fig. Pipe clamp combined with clamp, Item No. 37-0201


  • Flexible use thanks to the modular system.
  • Sturdy material.
  • Variable mounting options.
  • Perfect positioning.
  • Can be used with the Pivot Pricer system.
  • Available in 3 colors.

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Combine with system – ClearGrip components

Use areas that look unreachable. The seemingly most remote corner or even the smallest space offers unprecedented possibilities for personalization. With the high quality components of the ClearGrip system, anything is possible. Due to the many different plug-in elements, you can place your advertisements on pipes, shelves, metal surfaces etc.. Combine up to three parts. Depending on how flexible your advertising message should be attached. With ball joints you can always bring them in the correct position.

By the way: no matter whether it is glued, stuck with a suction cup, or with a magnet. There is a safe solution. Do you need an adapter for the Pivot Pricer system? In this case, you’ll find the perfect ClearGrip component. Curious? Have a look at the infinite possibilities of the ClearGrip system. Simply browse the online store, or request the current catalog.

Fig. Pipe clamp comb. w. Terminal strip, Item No. 37-0203-05

Fig. Flooring comb. w. Sign holders la., Item No. 37-0515

Fig. Magnetic comb. with terminal strip, Item No. 37-0603

Fig. Stand comb. w. Terminal strip, Item No. 37-0903-05