Brochure stands

Fig. Excelsior brochure stand, Item No. EX15

Brochure stands

  • Perfect presentation of your flyers.
  • High-quality workmanship.
  • Versatile.
  • Versions for inside and outside use.
  • Usable as a stand or for wall mounting.

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The brochure stand is your “indirect” sales consultant

The brochure stand is always on-site. Use it for “indirect counselling” right in your shop. The infinitely large
selection of sizes, installation and fastening systems make it the number one in this area.

Whether you choose acrylic or plexiglass, you achieve the best visual impact of your advertising at the POS.
And in so little space.

Brochure stands can be put everywhere – you are not confined to tables. Thanks to the impervious materials
they can even be used outside. So your customers can grab your flyers outside of your shop.

Business Board 6 times

Fig. Cards board, Item No. BC-3

Contact in “great shape”

A good way to hand over your contact data is the business card stand.

The transparent acrylic material looks classy and is very versatile. It is available in different sizes to match “your size”.

Present your sales staff at a trade faire with a sixfold box. It is free standing but can also be mounted on the wall.