Blister hooks - the hanging product presentation

Fig. Folding stick D, Item No. 1080

Blister hooks

  • Can be combined with hang tabs.
  • Flexible design options.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be folded for shipping (folding stick).

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Stand in a line – for hanging product presentations

Do you want to present your products clearly and orderly – not thrown together in a chute? Do you want to hang them in small space? Then use blisters. They are made for easy installation on cardboard displays. Simply press – and you’re done. No need for pre-stamping. Of course you can also use them on rails (e.g. slatwalls).

The manifold shapes will amaze you. Choose between different colors, materials and sizes. They can be foldable or not.

By the way: if you want to use them for coupons and you only have a smooth surface available, use self-adhesive coupon pins. That’s an easy and inexpensive solution. This holder – slightly smaller than the others – is available in two diameters and different lengths. Choose here as well: between straight and bent.